Finance & Insurance


When you’re getting finance, you need someone who can provide you with sound advice, and quality service, but more importantly, they need to feel your passion as well. Steve Lampitt, our resident Business Manager a motorcyclist himself and he brings these qualities to the table to ensure peace of mind for your purchase. His focus is your passion, and with many years of experience in the industry, you have the best chance of purchasing a bike at the right price, with the right protection.

In-house Convenience

Looking for a quick turnaround? No worries, we offer same day settlement and approvals (where possible), subject to the individual lender’s approval, and we have access to a wide number of lenders to help you compare the options and find a solution that fits your needs. This ensures you get the best deal possible in the shortest time.

And if you’re worried about dealing with third parties and middle-men, you don’t have to. We perform all the hard work in-house so you get stuck talking to a call centre, and you won’t need to explain your story twice. It’s all done in house, so no call centre or voice prompts.